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The primary goal of Destiny Independence is to make sure that each of its student members make it all the way into a self-supporting adult job someday.  One very promising method by which DIUSA is accomplishing that goal is by funneling each of them through our Junior Achievement program.

“Junior Achievement (also JA or JA Worldwide) is a non-profit youth organization founded in 1919 by Horace A. Moses, Theodore Vail, and Winthrop M. Crane. Junior Achievement works with local businesses and organizations to deliver experiential programs on the topics of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship to students in kindergarten through high school.”  Source:  Wikipedia


In October of 2017, fifteen DIUSA students grades 4 – 12 completed the classroom requirements and graduated from their first J.A. course.  Sylvan Learning Center of Rome acted as host and teacher for the classes and even included STEM classes in their training. Eleven of the students were 7th – 12th grade and thus eligible to continue to working together to form a company.

DIUSA is honored to have the Berry College Campbell School of Business to direct this program. Professors and grad students worked with these eleven students to create and successfully sell their very first product, granular candles.

Entrepreneur Graduates

Senior, Jaden Roberts, a budding artist who hopes to go into architecture, drew the logo for this first product.

Jaden's Candle Logo
Jaden's Candle Logo

In time, DIUSA hopes to engage businesses in the Rome community to interface with our J.A. program as we prepare these young people to be ready for the work force or even perhaps become entrepreneurs.

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