Mentee Success

Tim, Eric, and Terrell are sterling examples of what mentoring can do. Our relationship with them began when they were 5, 6, and 7 years old, and eight years later each of them are becoming wonderful young men with no history of delinquency, drugs, crime, or trouble at school.
​We are so proud of them!

Terrell is now a high school sophomore, and is a star player on the Junior Varsity Basketball team. He would like to play professionally but also has an interest in the culinary arts as a solid ‘plan B’.

Tim is now in 7th grade and is making all A’s in school. He loves playing video games, memorizes the dates that movies were produced, and is interested in anything on wheels!

Eric is now a high school freshman and is the recipient of a full BP Goal Scholarship at a local private Christian School. He has several interests such as finding a cure for cancer, but also frequently talks about becoming a petroleum geologist.

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