Be a mentor

Benefits to MENTOR:

* Similar to being a grandparent!
​* Liability insurance provided
* Requires little to no money and only 4 – 6 hours per month
* Increased self esteem
* Make a child feel like they matter
​* Make a powerful impact on your community by:
– decreasing generational poverty
– decreasing crime/incarceration
​    – decreasing teen pregnancy
* You will be a very important person in the life of a child or youth
* Sense of accomplishment
​* Increased patience
* Guide a child to know God & live a moral, happy, and productive life

With all these BENEFITS, why wouldn’t everyone want to be a mentor?!

Want to become a


Please print, fill out, and mail  the ​Application
and ​
Background Check​​
to our address.

 Also, please include a check for $10 and a copy of your driver’s license.

PO Box 2453
Rome, GA 30164-2453

Benefits to MENTEE:

* 52% more likely NOT to skip school
​* 55% more likely to go to college
​* 90% more likely to mentor someday
* 130% more likely to be a leader
​* Far less likely to:
– initiate drug and alcohol use
– commit crime
​        – create teen pregnancy
​        – drop out of school
​* After just one year of mentoring, mentees show huge improvements in:

​- confidence, self-esteem, & behavior
– academic performance
– 92% more positive attitude about
graduating high school on time
– 88% more positive about grades
– 72.8% scholastic improvement
– 56% of highschoolers – higher GPA
– 17% decrease in unexcused absences
* Stronger relationships with teachers, peers and parents
​* Better lifestyle choices and ‘soft skills’
* Greater concern for community
* Demonstrate higher levels of parental trust

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