The mission of Destiny Independence USA is that of preparing hundreds of economically disadvantaged young people in Floyd County, GA for eventual adult employment by mentoring them as children and youth all the way through high school, college or job training, and into adult employment. Fostering social and financial independence, emotional stability, and training to become moral, contributing members of society as they reach adulthood are critical aspects of the mentoring program.


  • To break the cycle of multi-generational poverty
  • To decrease crime rate and dependence on welfare
  • To promote an awareness of morality and spiritual potential
  • To create a universal design for outcome based mentoring that can be utilized anywhere


Academic & Career Guidance – We believe that academic success is one of the primary cornerstones to eventual adulthood independence. In order to ensure that our members create the best possible foundation for college, DIUSA offers our members FREE tutoring whenever their grade in an academic subject drops below a “B”, as well as Junior Achievement and STEM classes.

Relationship Building – When available, adult volunteers, age 25 and up, provide a one-on-one, customized mentoring relationship with 100+ children from economically depressed communities, fostering emotional health by spending quality time with their mentee on a regular basis.  In addition, DIUSA acts as a mentor as the primary conduit for encouraging academic success, cultural exposure, work ethic, and character development in our members to ensure that the child continues on a productive trajectory towards independent adulthood.  DIUSA also mentors through Life Skills and other classes.

Cultural Development – Children thrive best when their horizons are expanded, opening their minds to their own potential and dreams.  Poverty often sequesters its children within the perimeter that defines their own neighborhood, rarely if ever having opportunities to see the outside world and its wonders.  In addition to summer camp opportunities, Destiny Independence USA provides at least two field trips per year to mentees, and their mentor when appropriate, to events and places to which the child would otherwise never have

Spiritual Nurture – Mentors are encouraged to contribute to their mentee’s emotional health and character development, including nurturing their spiritual growth via church attendance whenever possible.  In addition to the short-term product of the individual child’s emotional health, we believe that the safety and happiness of a community is optimized when its citizens pursue spiritual growth and moral laws.

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