STATISTICS – Floyd County, GA


​Children living in poverty – 29.8%

  • – 70% of those will perpetuate generational poverty

​Children in Rome City Schools

  • eligible for free & reduced meals – 83%

​Children in Floyd County Schools

  • eligible for free & reduced meals – 60%

​Families living on less than 150% of the poverty rate

  • ​ – 38% of the children county wide

Georgia – ranks 19th in poverty in the U.S.


Rome High School – 89.8%
Floyd County High Schools – 90.3%
​We are aiming for 100% with at least a 3.0 GPA!


Ages 15 – 17 (per 1000) – 17.6%
Births to females with less than 12th grade education – 23%
Repeat births before age 20 – no change in the last decade

CRIME – 2013

Violent Crime Age 17+ …. 10.8 per 1000
Non violent Crime Age 17+ …. 54.7 per 1000
2nd Highest Incarceration Rate for Women in the U.S.


High Risk Youth have an increased potential to:

  • * not graduate from high school
  • * use street drugs
  • * commit crimes
  • * be incarcerated

​The cost to society (local, state, federal) for each youth who
goes this route ranges from 1.5 million to 7.2 million over the course of that youth’s lifetime, depending on how many of these
behaviors he or she succumbs to. If a mere 100 youth in Floyd County, GA are prevented from following this path as a result of mentoring, society as a whole will be saved the enormous sum of $105 million to $702 million​.

​One in three African American boys born today will be
incarcerated at least once in their lifetime.

There are currently more college-age African American males in jail than in college.


The cost to local government for just one uninsured teen pregnancy can be as much as $20,000. This does not even begin to include the lifetime costs that often result from the teen mom becoming dependent on food stamps and various other types of welfare programs. Add to that dollar mount the high likelihood that the child(ren) will perpetuate that same generational poverty and the costs become ​staggering when spread out across the nation.

1970 2010
White babies born to unwed mothers 5.70% 35.90%
Black babies born to unwed mothers 37.60% 72.10%

Costs to taxpayers for all births to unwed mothers are nearly
$7 billion per year.
Costs to society as a whole for births to unwed mothers are more than $14 billion per year.

​Poverty Rate, single mother families…..4 times higher than married
​couple families.

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